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Automatically match assignments to open job slots

A slot is only considered to be filled when it's explicitly linked to by one or more assignments. An assignment which exactly matches a job slot won't be counted there. This tool finds assignments not associated with any job slots but which exactly match a job slot and links them to the slot.

Availability detail records

Rebuilds the contents of the "availability" table based on the availability assigned to people in the "availGroups" table. Run this whenever you've updated the availability rules in system preferences.

Banned list attributes

Using the current attributes (DOB, name, e-mail, phone, etc.) of banned people, updates the table used to determine if a person who is not explicitly banned is nonetheless similar enough to one that is banned to warrant warning the user.

Blank but non-NULL fields

Checks various tables for string fields which are blank but not NULL and changes them to NULL.

Check for attachments that are compressed but not flagged as such

Checks for attachments - whether on people, jobs, or as downloadable files - to verify that if the file is internally compressed it's flagged properly as such.

Compact job slot assignment waitlists

When waitlisting is supported in VSys Live job signup, looks for gaps in waitlists (e.g. #1, #2, #4) and compacts them (e.g. #1, #2, #3)

Correct assignments linked to different projects than their jobs

Finds job assignments which are part of one project where the job for that assignment is linked to another project. For any records in this condition, VSys moves the assignment to the job's project.

Correct blank or bogus delegations on assignments

Within projects, assignments are connected to the delegations of the people they're linked to. If those delegation values are incorrect or missing then various reports and the Profile editor within a project may not correctly work with those assignments.

Delete future assignments for non-existent people

Finds assignment records for people who no longer exist and deletes them.

Delete generated but un-sent letters created using VSys Anywhere

Deletes old letters generated via mail merge in VSys Anywhere but that have never been approved/saved for sending.

Descriptions and auto-checkout statuses in hours records

Updates hours records to reflect the current descriptions for all jobs, locations and projects and so that automatically checked out records are properly specified for searching.

Disconnect assignments from non-existent slots

For assignments linked to slots that no longer exist, removes the link between the assignment and the slot so that the assignment can be edited normally.

Disconnect hours which credit non-existing assignments

For hours records which are linked to assignments that no longer exist, removes the link to the assignments but leaves the hours records intact.

Expand various applications columns

Populates the "Handler", "Location", "ReqSite" and "ReqDepartment" columns in the "applications" table based on changes in version 3.0.

Find and remove bogus jobs in projects

This searches projects for jobs which are associated with no job groups and where no people are assigned to those jobs. Any such jobs found are automatically removed.

Find and remove duplicate security certifications

VSys Security uses a special type of encrypted certification to store security rights for each person. This tool checks for duplicate certifications for the same user. If any duplicates are found, all but the most recently updated are deleted.

Fix hours records associated with mandates but not the mandate's volunteer

Detects hours records which purport to be credited against a mandate but not that mandate's volunteer. If any are found, they're changed to hours records to link to both the mandate and the volunteer.

Invalid field values

Checks transitions records for invalid values.

Job and slot specifications

Updates the "nindex" table for searching of jobs by required skills, preferred skills, job preferences, locations and invitation codes. Ensures that all assignments exactly match their associated job slots.

List definition flags

Updates lists (regular and Intellilists) and updates their lookup fields.

Lookup values (checked in, alternate) for entries

Ensures that the "Checked in", "Alternate" and "Bib" fields are properly updated in the "entries" table.

Lookup values (phone, e-mail) for all addresses

Updates the "nindex" table for proper searching of people by e-mail, phone number and preferred e-mail and SMS number.

Match hours records not associated with assignments back to their assignments if possible

An assignment is only considered to be credited if an hours record explicitly links back to that assignment. Entering hours into VSys using the various assignment crediting tools does that for you. This tool looks for uncredited assignments, hours records which don't link to any assignments, and if appropriate, links those hours records to their assignments.

Optimize job definition XML

Looks at job definitions and removes unneeded/redundant values in the job's XML.

Optimize option definitions

Looks at option definitions (e.g. skills, special needs, open schedule jobs) and removes unneeded/redundant values in their XML.

Optimize slot specifications XML

Looks at job slots and removes unneeded/redundant values in their XML.

Personal data for all people (wheelchair, inactive, deceased, languages)

Updates the "nindex" table for searching of people by language, active state, deceased, wheelchair, web user ID, kiosk ID, kiosk swipe/scan value, date started, date active, wheelchair, alternate name and phonetic name.

Populate "Code" field in options values

Finds any records in the "optionValues" with a blank, NULL or duplicate "Code" field and properly populates them.

Propagate slot information to linked assignments

For assignments which are linked to job slots, ensures that the assignments match the current values (job, start, duration, etc.) for their slots.

Recreate missing projects

Looks for assignments, slots, etc. that reference projects which do not exist, then recreates those projects as needed.

Remove attached files no longer in use

Searches for attached files which are no longer associated with any person, application form, job or other object and deletes them.

Remove attached images no longer in use

Finds and removes any scanned images which are not linked to any people or other objects.

Remove duplicate settings values

Finds and removes settings values in the "entries" table which duplicate other, identical values.

Remove gallery images no longer in use

Finds and removes VSys Live gallery images that are no longer referenced.

Remove job associations for non-existent jobs and people

Finds and removes job associations that reference either an invalid job or missing person.

Remove old settings values

Finds and removes very old settings values.

Remove orphaned options values records

Finds and removes any records in the "optionValues" table which refer to "options" that do not exist.

Software license validation

Queries the VSys One website to determine your license count based on your registration code, then checks the number of defined security users (if VSys Security is enabled) or the number of unique Windows login IDs used to sign into VSys One in the past six months. The results here are for your own use, this tool does not report anything back to Bespoke.

Sound-alike names, statuses and dates for people

Populates various fields in the "people" table.

Training automatic hours crediting

Finds courses which are defined to credit students with hours, then for those students with a status of "Completed" and which have been given no credit at all (it does not check that the current credit, if present, is correct), credits those students with hours.

Transitions values from old format to new

For people, searches for transitions created and stored in VSys 1.9 and earlier and moves them to the "transitions" table.

Unique values on lists

Ensures that the "Unique" column in the "lists" table has nothing but non-NULL, unique values.

Update blank delegations associated with hours records within projects

Finds hours records within projects that do not reference valid delegations and corrects them.

Update geographic coordinates for locations from their zip/postal codes

For all locations with a zip/postal code, attempts to set the latitude/longitude for those locations.

Update job definition lookup indices

Updates the lookup values for job definitions.

Update lookup fields for application definitions

Updates the lookup values for custom applications.

Update slot approval statuses

Only when client management mode is enabled, corrects job slots whose status is incompatible with the presence or absence of an assigned client.

Update user code mappings for VSys Live images

Updates the lookup values for VSys Live images.

Various address table issues

Ensures that the "Street", "City", "State", "Created" and "Last changed" columns in the "address" table are updated properly.

Various training course values

For training records associated with a training course, ensures that the record's "Start", "Finish", "Subject" and "Context" values match those of the course itself.

VSys Live unused objects cleanup

Finds and removes unused VSys Live objects.

VSys Live/VSys Anywhere unused sessions cleanup

Finds and removes old VSys Live/VSys Anywhere records in the "voxisessions" table.

XML compatibility field updates

Verifies that all values which can be stored in XML format are stored in XML format.

Zero but non-NULL date fields

Checks various tables for DATE or DATETIME fields which are blank, zero or less than zero and changes those values to NULL.

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