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Application Forms

VSys One gives you the freedom to customize your data entry process. It does this by letting you design "application forms" - on-screen data entry forms which can be identical to their paper counterparts. Design these application forms with data from all over VSys: name and address, skills, certifications, custom fields, portrait photo, availability, job preferences, in fact just about anything about a person can be put onto an application form. Most importantly, it can be organized in the way which makes the most sense for your organization. By including only the fields that you will use, you don't have to scroll or tab past fields and screens that are not applicable.

Administrator's Tasks

Administrators are responsible for creating and designing the application form layouts, laying them out appropriately for your organization.

Data Entry Person's Tasks

Once an application form layout has been created, data entry users use the Application forms panel to enter data. This process either creates new people or edits existing ones. The changes are saved to the edited/created person, as well as attached permanently to the person for later reference. The data entered into the application form becomes read-only once it's saved.

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