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Applications Forms Setup

From the VSys One home screen, on the Setup panel, click Application forms.
Custom applications setup screen


Create a new application

Creates a new application layout from scratch.

Load a built-in design

Brings up a list of built-in layouts that you can choose from.

Load From a file

Use this to load an application layout that was sent by another VSys user or by Bespoke's tech support.

Copy from a project

Copies an application layout from another project.

Setup special fields

Application approval statuses, Handlers, Requested departments, Requested sites.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on any layout to work with it.

Edit, View

Brings up the application layout designer.


Opens the properties (Description, rules, etc.) for this layout.

Application processing rules

Edits the application processing rules for this application.

Mark inactive/Mark active

Disables or enables this application layout without deleting it.

Get VSys Live link

Copies the direct link for this application in VSys Live to the Windows clipboard.

Convert to a dynamic layout application

Changes this application to a dynamic layout one.

See tracked changes

Opens the listing of all changes made to this application, and who made them.


Deletes this application layout. Note that if you delete an application layout which still has pending applications via VSys Web those applications will become inaccessible.

Make a copy

Duplicates this application layout.

Make a copy as a dynamic layout application

Makes a new application with the same fields as this one, but with a dynamic layout.

Save to a file

Saves the definition of this layout to a disk file. You can send that file to another VSys user or to Bespoke's tech support team.

Print a sample

Prints a blank form of this type.

When you open this tool you may get a message about expired or inactive application forms being hidden. Use the filters at the top to specifically show those forms.

In This Section

Application Layout Properties

Dynamic vs. Fixed Layout Applications

Data Fields vs. User Fields

Dynamic Layout Applications

Fixed Layout Applications

Attached Files

Multiple Certifications of the Same Type on an Application Form

VSys Web Application Notes

VSys Live Application Notes

Special Field Types

Requested Department

Requested Site

Notification Contact

Application Handler

Application Approval Statuses (Application Workflow)

Application Processing Rules

Application Field Visibility Rules

Limiting the Number of Applications Submitted

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