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Fixed Layout Applications

To edit an a fixed layout application form, you need to pretend you are working with a graphics or publishing program - you will be adding things, moving things around, highlighting and grouping them.

Custom application form layout screen

In the left margin a little panel tells you more information about the field. Some of the most useful things to know are:


Clicking the (+) gives you extra information about the font. For this field, First name, the font is Tahoma and 8 point. You can change any of these characteristics by clicking on the choice and selecting another from the menu.


Style allows you to add bold, italic, and underlined formatting. Change False to True to add the formatting style and vice-versa.


Height, in pixels, of the field or label.


Horizontal location on the page.


Vertical position on the page.


How wide the field is, in pixels. Notice that the Family/last name field is wider than the First name field. To change the width of the field: position your cursor over one of the handles on either end of the field until you see a line with an arrow at each end. Then click and drag it to the right or left to lengthen or shorten the field.

Add a New Page

To add a new page to your form, click the Add new page button. VSys adds another page with a tab at the top of the screen that lets you click to select it, along with a Delete this page button.

Delete a Page

  1. To delete a page, be sure you click on the correct tab at the top of the screen for the page you want to delete. The page tab will turn gray when you select it.
  2. Click on Delete this page button. This deletes the page and all fields on that page.

Remember that VSys Web and VSys Live can only work with applications that are a single page.

Saving Changes

When you are done, click the Save button at the top to commit your changes.

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