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Field Properties

Right-click on any field to bring up its properties. The options for each field depend on the type of data stored in that field and whether it's a user field or a data field.

Rename this field

Changes the associated title of the field.

Edit options

For checklist and combo box fields, this lets you edit the options available to the end user.


If checked, a value must be provided here before the application can be submitted. Use this for VSys Web and VSys Live applications to ensure that your volunteers enter all of the information that's needed, and for regular applications to make sure that your data entry staff doesn't enter incomplete applications.

Requires a specific value

Use this for "I agree..." checkboxes and for quizzes/tests. Select this to enter a specific "correct" answer which must be entered with the application. You can also use it for disclaimers to ensure that applicants say "Yes" to your terms and conditions.

Options here are:

  • "(none)" - any value is permitted
  • "Specific text" - the volunteer must enter the exact text you've specified (not case-sensitive)
  • "Last/family name" - the volunteer must enter his/her family name here (not case-sensitive)
  • "First/given and last/family name" - volunteer must enter his first and last names, e.g. "Jane Smith"
  • "Regular expression" - lets you define a regular expression

Limit visible options

Lets you restrict which of the values normally available in this field are shown to users filling out this application. Use this for fields like "Primary group" to only permit users to select specific options.

Hidden in web interface

See Hidden in web interface (following section).

Include blank as an option

Leaves a blank option that is a valid choice for a combo box. This lets the user select no value at all for this field.


For web-based application forms, you can designate that certain fields must have specific types of data entered into them to be considered valid. Enable validation for a field by right-clicking on it, selecting Validation, then the type of data which is required.

E-mail address

The value entered must appear to be a valid e-mail address. VSys does not check that the address is deliverable.

North American phone number

Ten numeric digits.

US Zip/Canadian postal code

A five- or nine-digit numeric US Zip code, as 12345 or 12345-6789, or a six-character Canadian postal code. VSys will check the "zips" table to ensure that the first five digits correspond to a known US zip code, or the entire value matches a Canadian postal code.

US state/Canadian province

The two-character abbreviation code for a US state or Canadian province.

US Social Security Number

Only available for encrypted fields.



For text and memo fields, VSys can automatically apply capitalization rules to incoming data.

(no adjustment)

The values input will not be changed.

Capitalize each word

Each word in the text will have its first letter capitalized. For example, "123 main street" becomes "123 Main Street".

Name capitalization

Similar to Capitalize each word but special logic applicable to many European names. "john mchenry" becomes "John McHenry".

First character upper-case

The first character of the first word will be capitalized. For example, "lorem ipsum bacon" becomes "Lorem ipsum bacon".

All upper-case

All characters in all words will be capitalized, e.g. "john doe" becomes "JOHN DOE".




A read-only field is shown to the end user, but the end user cannot change the value in the field.

Find and delete field

Used to find an errant field, one that you know is present on the application somewhere but cannot locate, and remove it. This is especially useful for fields which have been hidden behind other fields or off the edge of the page.

Set default value

If a default value is set for a field, the field will have this value in it until the user changes it.

Hidden in Web Interface

Marking a field as Hidden in Web Interface means that the field does not appear in the online VSys Web or VSys Live application as seen by your volunteers. But it will be visible in the VSys Web/VSys Live application processing tool that you use when downloading applications that they have filled out. For example, you can use this to make the Delegation and Person type fields visible to you and to give them default values, but to prevent your volunteers from seeing or changing these values. It's also useful for the Job assignments panel which isn't valid in VSys Web or VSys Live but which you can use during processing to assign volunteers to actual jobs.

Make a field hidden for online volunteers by right-clicking on it, then selecting Hidden in Web Interface.

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