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Multiple Certifications of the Same Type on an Application Form

Application forms generally can only have the contents of a single certification of a given type on them, e.g. only a single "Flu shot" certification's fields can be on an application, one "TB Test", etc. But there are times when you'd like to be able to put two or more of a single certification type on a single application form, for example, the "Background Reference Check" certification. This lets a prospective volunteer give more than one reference on a single application. To do this, there's a special set of mechanisms to use.

In this example we'll put two "Background Reference Check" certifications onto a VSys Web application form.

Steps in this task

  1. From Setup, click on Certifications, then click on Background Reference Check.
  2. Check Allow more than one of these on an application form as "always create"
    Multiple certifications on a custom application checkbox
  3. Set the value beneath that field to how many you want on the form, in this case 2. This permits two create-only certifications of this type on a single application.
  4. Click Save to save the certification definition, then Save again to save all definitions.
  5. Open up your application form layout (Setup, Application forms, click on the form you want to design).
  6. Click on Insert data field.
    Insert data field menu showing Background Check options
  7. Now you'll find three entries for "Background Reference Check":
  8. You want the ones ending in "always create". Fields placed from these will always create a new application form of the given type, no matter how many (or none) certifications of that type the person already has. The two are distinct from each other, so if fields for both are placed on the application, and fields from both are filled out by the user, then two certifications will be created.
  9. Drag and drop the fields from both of these onto your application, being careful not to mix-and-match fields from (always create #1) with those from (always create #2) since they'll be hard to tell apart.
    Sample custom application with multiple reference checks
  10. Save the application layout, then Save all application layouts.

When you use this application form, the fields placed here will never be populated with existing values, instead they'll always create new certifications of the given type.

Holding your mouse over a placed field will give you a hint as to where that field comes from and its data goes to. In the example below, the field Organization is from the second reference check. The code "cert.mref.1.ref.org" means "certification", "multiple", "1", "reference check", "organization". Since computers (and VSys) count from zero rather than one, this is the second of its type, i.e. it comes from "Background Reference Check (always create #2)".
Reference check data field with hover-over showing the data source for the field

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