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Moving Around Within VSys

Screen to Screen

Some links will bring you to a new screen. The Back, Save and Cancel buttons take you back one screen. Clicking Cancel takes you back without saving the currently open changes. Save commits those changes before taking you back. Whenever there's information on the current screen that needs to be saved, you'll see the Save and Cancel buttons.

In most places, holding the Save button down will bring up a popup menu which lets you save your changes and return to the previous screen (Save and close) or save your changes and stay on the current screen (Save and stay here).

Along the top you'll see underlined links, called "breadcrumbs". Click on any of these links to go back to the corresponding screen in VSys.
Navigation breadcrumbs at the top of the screen

In the image above, you can see we have gone from the VSys One home screen, to the Person lookup tool, into the record for William Cornett, and are specifically in the part of his record about his TB test. Hovering over the breadcrumb will show you what the screen looked like the last time it was used.

Field to Field

On a panel or screen containing fields, press the Tab key to move from one field to the next, or use the mouse to click within a field.

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