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Entering Account Records

This tool lets you enter account records for a person. You can enter account records from within each person's profile, or by right-clicking on the person, but this is faster and simpler when doing these entries in bulk.

Steps in this task

  1. Start from Enter account records. Select either Enter account records (one person). (The next section illustrates Enter account records for multiple people at once.)
    Account records entry screen
  2. Starting with the first person, type in their last name, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, kiosk ID or 5-digit basic ID. You can also click on the Ellipse (three dots)  icon button to bring up the Person lookup tool.
  3. Select the Account to be credited.
    Enter the Date, Amount, and, if applicable, Check/draft number and any Comments.
  4. Click the Post button, then repeat from step 2 for any additional records.

Right-click on the Account field to bring up a popup menu with the options Show flat and Show by account number. Selecting one of these options changes how the accounts are shown and puts them in a different order which may be more useful to you.

In This Section

Enter Account Records for Multiple People at Once