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Enter Account Records for Multiple People at Once

When you have multiple people, all of whom should be credited with the same account records at once, you can use this tool rather than selecting and entering the same values for each individual person.

Steps in this task

  1. Select Enter account records for multiple people at once from the User tools panel.
    Enter account records for multiple people at once screen
  2. Use the Person field to find each person to be credited: Enter a last name, date of birth, kiosk ID, e-mail address or phone number and VSys will pop up a list of applicable people. For each person click the Add button to put them in the list space below. If you have an existing list you can click the Use a list link to load that list.
  3. Repeat step 2 until all of the people you want to credit are added. Did you accidentally add someone you shouldn't? Right-click on their name and select Remove.
  4. Select the Account to be credited. Enter the Date, Amount, and, if applicable, Check/draft number and any Comments.
  5. Click the Post button. VSys will show you a report for any records which it's unable to post. These are usually caused by that person already having an identical record.

See the Remove by status link above the Person field? This link only shows up when you are using a list. It gives you the opportunity to remove people from the list based on their active status.

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