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VSys Lite

VSys Lite is VSys One's baby brother: it has all of the same parents, most of the same DNA, but it’s smaller and easier to carry around. VSys Lite's purpose is to be:

VSys Lite isn't a standalone product. It's meant for users within an organization that uses VSys One but who individually don't need all of what VSys One itself offers.

Like VSys One, VSys Lite uses tool profiles. With VSys Lite, though, tool profiles are mandatory: it has no "VSys One main screen" but instead shows only and exactly the tools you make available. The tools you can use in VSys Lite are:

Each user (in VSys Security) is given rights to one or more tool profiles. When they log in to VSys Lite, they see the tools they have access to and can switch from one tool profile to another if they have rights to more than one.

Thinking you need VSys Lite? Talk to us: VSys Anywhere may be a better alternative!

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