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VSys Security

VSys Security is designed to allow you to limit the actions that users are allowed to perform. When you use VSys Security, if tracing's enabled, then actions are logged in tracing including the user ID of the person who performed that action (editing a person, running a report, etc.)

Users are people, too.

In VSys One, your users start as regular people in your database, but they are given login IDs, passwords and security rights. Some organizations create a separate group for their users, but this is not required.


Superusers are a special type of user, one who has a complete security bypass. Everything is available to a superuser. You must have at least one administrator who's a superuser to enable or disable security.

Being a security superuser does not give anyone a bypass on data encryption.

Hidden tools

Most tools that users don't have access to due to their security rights are hidden from view or disabled. Whole panels may disappear from view, menu options become invisible or disabled, and editors open in read-only mode even when you're trying to edit.

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Security Options

Password Self-Changing

Security Manager

User Security Rights - Advanced Mode

Insecure/Disallowed Passwords

User Security Rights - Compatibility Mode

VSys Security and GMS 5/6

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Security Reports

Active Directory/LDAP

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