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Security Manager

The Security manager lets you define the people in your system who are designated as VSys users. Open it from the VSys One home screen and the Administrator tools panel by clicking on the Security manager link.

Users here may be enabled or disabled. A disabled user loses none of his settings or rights, but cannot log in until he's re-enabled.
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Adding a new user

  1. Click on the Add new user link on the left navigation bar. Use the Person lookup tool to find the user as an existing person or create a new person as appropriate. Clicking on the person's name will select him.

If a person is already on the list of users in the Security manager, the Person lookup tool will not show that person even if you enter his information.

  1. Enter a User ID and Password, then the same password again in the Verify password field. To have VSys automatically assign a random password, click on the Assign a random password link in the Tools section of the left navigation bar.
  2. Check the Enabled box to allow this user to log in.
  3. Assign general security rights, inheritances, and project-specific rights (outlined in the User Security Rights section for compatibility mode or User Security Rights for advanced mode).
  4. Click the Save button to return to Security manager.

You can't have more than one user with the same user ID. If you try to make one, VSys will prevent you. If you manage to import one using the Interactive File Importer or other tools, neither of the people with that user ID will be able to log in.


Disable security/Enable security

Turns VSys Security on or off. Clicking on this brings up a login dialog - you must log in here as a superuser in order to change security's status.


Reloads security users from the database.

Update last logins

Because determining the date of last logins for a large number of users can be slow, especially if there is a lot of history, the "Last login" column is hidden by default. Click this link to load the last login dates/times for each user.


Security options

Opens the Security options tool for defining password, inactivity timeout and other rules.

Edit default user rights

Applicable only to the advanced security mode, defines default user security rights that all VSys One users inherit from.

Security roles

Applicable only to the advanced security mode, defines security roles from which users can inherit rights.

Insecure passwords

Use this to define insecure passwords.

Ownership tags

Use this to define security ownership tags, if enabled.


Add new user

Opens up the Person lookup tool. Use this to find an existing person and make him a user. (You can also create brand-new people here.)

Active Directory

New Active Directory user

Searches through your Active Directory domain to find a new user. Only available if Domain Authentication is enabled.

Test login

See Active Directory Testing.

List groups

Clicking this tells VSys to query Active Directory for the list of available AD groups, and prints to screen a report of those groups. (This is primarily a diagnostic tool.)

Test query

See Active Directory Testing.


Security reports

Reports to list current users, their rights and their actions.

Security configuration

Import/Export Security

These tools should only be used in consultation with the VSys One technical support team.

On the right-click menu

Right-click on a person to modify that person's security settings or perform other actions.

Add a new user

Opens up the Person lookup tool. Use this to find an existing person and make him a user. (You can also create brand-new people here.)

View personal data

Opens this person in the Profile editor in read-only mode.

Edit personal data

Opens this person in the Profile editor for editing.

See user's Active Directory groups

Queries Active Directory for a list of groups that this user is part of, then displays that list.

Update personal data from Active Directory

For Active Directory users only, queries Active Directory for the personal data (name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.) and updates VSys based on the current data in Active Directory.

Edit security settings and rights

Brings up the Security rights editor for this person where you can edit user ID, password, and security rights.

Edit settings and rights (advanced mode)

Only visible if the compatibility security mode is selected, this lets you edit a user's advanced mode security while not affecting their compatibility mode security.

Impersonate this user

See screens and permissions as this user would see them. This is most commonly used in environments with Active Directory integration where the person setting up security rights cannot log in as any other user in order to see how the various security settings and user rights appear when used.

This option is only available to superusers, only in Advanced Mode, and you cannot impersonate another superuser.

When impersonating another user, all trace records post as the real user (the person logged in as a superuser), not the person being impersonated.

See changes to this user

Lists who's made changes to this person and when, lists all login/logout details for the user.

See what this user has done

Lists all actions taken by this person, including people updated, reports printed, logging in/out, etc.

Check password

Prompts you for the person's password, then tells you if it was correct or not. Note you can never see any person's password, ever, though you can change it.


Enables or disables the person's login rights.

Delete as user

This removes the person as a user, revoking all access rights and clearing the user ID. You can't undo this action once you've confirmed your intention at the prompt except by re-entering all of that data again.

Reset login failure timer

If this person is locked out due to too many failed login attempts, resets the timer for that and allows him to log in again.

Send this person a letter or message

Choose from a letter template to send this person an e-mail

Print a report for this person

Prints any of several built-in security reports detailing this user's personal information, security rights and audit log.

Edit notification subscriptions

Opens up the notifications subscription tool to edit the subscriptions for just this one user.

See notifications

View the notifications associated with this person.

Send manual notification

Brings up an editor to send the person a simple notification message.

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