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Security Settings Import/Export

We recommend contacting VSys support about this process. Before using this in a production environment, you are responsible for testing that its operation works as expected.

In version 3.0 of VSys One, the VSys Security configuration (settings, default rights, roles and users) can be exported to a file and then imported into another VSys database. In the process, VSys:

For objects for which rights can be granted, or which are used as rules for granting rights (groups, jobs, job groups, volunteer types, locations, certifications), this will "map" to pre-existing objects in the target database by name if the objects don't exist with the same code as the source database. (This will normally be the case if security rights are exported from a sample conversion and imported into a later conversion.)

To copy security configuration from one VSys database to another,

  1. Within Security manager in the database whose security configuration you want to copy, click on Export security.
  2. Name the file something useful then click Save.
  3. Close VSys.
  4. Open VSys with the database into which you want to import the security configuration.
  5. Within Security manager, click on Import security.
  6. Select the file you created above and click Open.
  7. Ensure that you're in the correct database (this operation cannot be reversed):

    Then click on Import.

Existing users which are not in the imported file are not deleted or affected in any way, nor are their rights.

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