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User Security Rights - Advanced Mode


Assign a random password

Creates a new, random password compliant with the current password complexity rules, assigns it to this user, and displays it for you.


Opens this person in the Profile editor in read-only mode.

See changes

Lists who's made changes to this person and when, lists all login/logout details for the user.

See actions

Lists all actions taken by this person, including people updated, reports printed, logging in/out, etc.

Copy rights from another user

Click this to select another VSys user and copy all of that user's rights, including security roles and superuser status, to this user. Overwrites all of this user's existing rights.

Set password expiration

Prompts for an expiration date for the person's password.

Reset login failure count

If this person is locked out due to too many failed login attempts, resets the timer and allows him to log in again.

Describe rights

Creates a report detailing the security rights for this individual.

Copy compatibility mode rights

Copies the user's rights from compatibility mode to advanced mode and displays the results. Because the two modes have very different underlying concepts this is an approximate copy, but VSys does its best to copy rights for tools, people, certifications and jobs. (Project rights and application rights, among others, are not copied.)

Only available if security is still in compatibility mode.

User properties

Field name


User ID

A unique ID that the user will use to log into VSys. It must be at least three characters long and may only have in it the characters a..z and 0..9. VSys will force it to be lower-case.


When checked, the user can log in to VSys One and/or VSys Lite.


Must be at least three characters long and meet the system-defined password complexity rules.

Verify password

Type the same password again to verify that it's being typed correctly.

Password expires immediately

Requires the user to change his password the next time he logs in.

Password never expires

Check this to make the user effectively immune to required password changes.

Superuser (all rights)

If checked this gives the user complete access to everything in VSys One and VSys Lite, bypassing all other security restrictions and rights.

Only valid on VSys Lite

If checked, this user can only log into VSys Lite and not into VSys One.

User expires

If checked, sets an expiration date for this person as a user. After this date, the user will no longer be able to log in.

Default tool profile

Used only if tool profiles are enabled, defines the tool profile that will be used when this person signs into VSys One.

Default VSys Lite tool profile

If VSys Lite and tool profiles are enabled, sets the tool profile that will be used when this person signs into VSys Lite.

Default VSys Anywhere tool profile

If VSys Anywhere is enabled, sets the tool profile that will be used when this person signs into VSys Anywhere.

Use inherited security ownership tags

If this is checked, the user will get her default security ownership tags from her roles, otherwise she'll get the ones you assign here.

Give newly-created objects these security ownership tags

When this person creates a new object (job, location, open schedule job, etc.), that object will be assigned these security ownership tags.

If the User ID is invalid or conflicts with another user, or the passwords don't match or are invalid, VSys will show an error and won't allow any of the data to be saved.

Domain authentication notes

Note if domain authentication is enabled, some of the options here are reduced:

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