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Password Requirements

These options enforce complexity on user passwords (not applicable if domain authentication is enabled).
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Minimum password length

Any password must have at least this many characters.

Require mixed-case passwords

Every password must have at least one lower-case and one upper-case alphabetic character.

Require numeric characters...

Every password must have at least one numeric digit.

Prevent use of dictionary words...

Passwords may not contain any of the words in the current spell check dictionary.
Numeric prefixes/suffixes on a dictionary word bypass this rule, unless Even with numeric... is checked.

Mixing the case of the characters in the word bypasses this, unless Even mixed-case words is checked.

Prevent inclusion of first/last names...

Disallows the user's first and last names from his password.

Enable two-factor authentication via SMS

Default two-factor requirement for users

"Required" or "Not required". For a user whose two-factor authentication setting is "Use system settings", this determines whether the user will be sent an SMS authentication token.

SMS token timeout

Once sent, an SMS login token expires after this many minutes.

SMS profile

This SMS profile will be used to send authentication tokens.


Two-factor authentication is only available if SMS/text messaging is enabled.

Note that these requirements are cumulative, meaning that a password must meet all of the requirements here to be considered acceptable.

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