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Defining Your SMS Settings in VSys One

Now you need to tell VSys all about your Twilio account.

  1. From within the SMS/text message manager, click on the Settings link.
    SMS settings window
  2. Enter your User ID (should begin with "AC") and Password.
  3. Check Allow long... if you want VSys to be able to send long SMS messages. These long messages are comprised of multiple short messages (160 characters); if you send messages that are larger than 160 characters, Twilio may charge you for each of the short messages. For example a 400 character message may cost 3x what a short message costs.
  4. Click (add) to add at least one incoming phone number. (This is a phone number that you've acquired from Twilio.)
    SMS incoming phone number window
  5. Enter the phone number, an optional description, and choose the type of incoming message that this phone number represents. (Messages texted to this phone number become incoming messages of this type.)
  6. Click Check settings and account status. Until VSys has been able to verify your account and these phone numbers, VSys won't be able to send or receive messages using Twilio.
  7. Once everything is verified, click Save to save your settings.
  8. Optionally add additional incoming phone numbers.

Set up the type of message you would like this to be on the Setup panel with Incoming Messages.

Having problems validating? Getting a "302" error message? This may be the result of a web proxy in place on your local network. Talk with your IT folks to have them allow https://api.twilio.com to pass through your firewall without being proxied.

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