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Reports (Security)

With security enabled, the reporting system can limit user access to reports as well as to aspects of people within reports.
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Report options

Prevent loading of non-owned reports

If the current user doesn't own a report, he can't load it.

Prevent saving (overwriting) non-owned reports

If the current user doesn't own a report, but was able to load it, he can't save it.


When running a report...

Hide most fields but don't exclude the person

Follows the rules in Exclude these properties below. The person is included in the report, but selected aspects of the person are omitted.

Exclude the person altogether

The person is excluded from the report and no aspects of that person are printed.

Ignore all security permissions within reports

Reverts to VSys One version 1 rules: regardless of security settings, the person and all of his attributes are included in the report.



Exclude these properties

When any of these are checked - Application forms, Account records, Addresses, Assignments, Availability, Awards, Certifications, Credentials, Custom fields, Eligibility checklists, Hours, Incoming messages, Interviews, Job associations, Letters, Mandates, Memberships, Relationships, Surveys, Trainings, Transitions - VSys will not throw an error, but these aspects of the person being reported on will come up blank in the report if the current user doesn't have read access to that person.

If any option other than Ignore all security permissions... is selected, if a person is (or would be) included in a report but aspects of that person are excluded or the person is excluded altogether, VSys will show a message to that effect with the number of people affected.

Mail merges, e-mails and mailing labels are all "reports" to VSys: they use the same security options set here.

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