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Password Expiration and Re-use

These options prevent users from re-using old passwords, and automatically expire current passwords (not applicable if domain authentication is enabled).
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Prevent password re-use

Defines the rules for how many previous passwords are retained for historical purposes, and the rules for matching them. Note since VSys does not ever know a user's password, only the hash of it, changing the matching rules may only be effective for newly-entered passwords, not existing ones.

Automatically expire passwords

After a password is changed, it will expire in this many days. Within the Security manager, individual users' passwords can be set to expire immediately.

Notify users of pending password expiration at

At this many days before their password is set to expire, users will be notified at every login.

Users can change their own passwords every

If password self-update is enabled, after a user changes his password, he will have to wait this many days before changing it again. This option is commonly used to prevent users from bypassing re-use rules by repeatedly changing their password in order to overflow the remembered list of password hashes.

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