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Security Reports

Security reports detail people who have security (login) rights to VSys, along with those rights and their recent actions. Use these to:

Steps in this task

  1. From the VSys One home screen, go to the Reports panel and click on Security and audit log.
    Security report screen showing Users Report with Actions Log settings
  2. If the Select saved report window opens, choose the saved or built-in report you would like to use and click Select. Or click on the Load settings link under Tools to bring up a list of options.
  3. On the Settings panel choose to show enabled, disabled or users regardless of enabled status.
  4. Select superusers, non-superusers or both standard and superusers.
  5. Choose which actions (Edited, Deleted, Created, etc.) to report. These options as well as the filters for date and time will only show up if tracing is enabled.
  6. On the left navigation bar choose any Sorting for your report. Click the Add sort link to add a sort. The (no page break)/with page break links add a page break when this field changes. Toggle the up and down arrows to change the direction of the sort.
  7. Set your Output options.
  8. Click Print to run the report.

Filters on Active between, Actions..., Report actions... and Only include users... are only available if tracing is enabled in VSys.

The contents of these reports will vary depending on the current security mode.

Sample Security Report - Compatibility Mode

Sample Security Report

Sample Security Report - Advanced Mode (Including actions log)

Sample Security Report: Including Actions Log

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