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Active Directory Testing

When working with Active Directory, it's occasionally helpful to be able to run some diagnostics to understand what's happening if the authentication process does not work as expected.

Test Active Directory login

  1. Click on Test Active Directory user to test the login for a particular Active Directory account.
  2. Enter an Active Directory login ID or a VSys One login ID, plus a Password.

    Entering an Active Directory login ID tests that ID; entering a VSys One login ID tests the Active Directory ID associated with that VSys Security user.
  3. Click Test.

A successful login will look something like this:

And an unsuccessful one like this:

For an unsuccessful test, the error code (in this case "1326") will be the most helpful result for diagnosing login problems.

Test AD query

This tool should only be used under the direction of the VSys One tech support team or that of your IT department. It allows you to directly execute a raw SQL command to your Active Directory controller. (Unless you're an AD administrator and/or have very powerful rights within your domain it's highly unlikely that you can break anything with this tool, but using it incorrectly may set off multiple alerts at your security department.)

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