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Export/Import Security

It's common practice to evaluate security settings in your first conversion data before getting or working with your final data. Overwriting your working database with your final conversion would normally overwrite security options and users, which would then require that you re-establish all of those users and settings in the final data. VSys offers the ability to export your security settings and users from one database and then import them into another. To do this,

  1. In your current database (the one that contains the security settings you want to keep), click on Export security from within Security manager.
  2. Name that file something appropriate, and save it to a folder that you can access later. VSys creates a .vzip file here.
  3. In the new database (the one whose settings you're going to replace with those from the previous database), click on Import security from within Security manager.
  4. Select the file saved earlier. VSys will prompt you to accept this file.

    Clicking Import here will overwrite all of your existing security settings!

Security import notes

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