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VSys Web Users on Server

VSys gives you a tool to see users on the VSys Web server and update the data on either the VSys Web server, VSys database, or both - without having to do a database synchronization. The data shown here can be different on VSys Web server from the VSys database, and you can edit the data on either database to force VSys to update one from the other.

Access this tool from the VSys Web panel under Data on Server, then View and edit web user information on web server.
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User information

User ID

User's login ID on for the web.

E-mail address

User's e-mail address on the web. This is usually, but not required to be, the same as their login ID.


Valid and confirmed

User is valid for use on the web and their Web needs activation checkbox is not set.

Pending confirmation

User is valid for use on the web and their Web needs activation checkbox is checked.


User's Web account disabled checkbox is checked.



Volunteer's name.

Server status

In local database/ server will be updated

Data has been manually updated here; when changes are saved they'll be pushed to the web database.

Local database and server do not match

Information in the VSys and VSys Web database do not match.

In local database

Volunteer is in the VSys database, but not on the web database.

Not in local database

Volunteer is in the VSys Web database, but not the VSys database.


Last changed

Date/time of the last change to this person.

Steps in this task

  1. Enter your criteria: Created of modified dates, E-mail address/User ID and User statuses. Leaving a date or User ID blank means no filter. Entering a partial User ID is valid, e.g. entering "bespoke" will show all accounts with "bespoke" anywhere in the User ID.
  2. Click Get users from server.
  3. Right-click on any account and select Edit, Web data to edit the data in VSys Web.
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  4. Right-click on any account and select Edit, Local data to edit the data in the VSys database (local data).
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  5. Click Save to commit all changes to the VSys Web and VSys (local) databases.

On the right-click menu


Web data

Edits the data on VSys Web: User ID, E-mail address, Status and Password.

Local data

Edits the local database properties for this person.

Complete personal data

Opens the Profile editor for this person.


Test password

Prompts you for the user's password and checks to see if it matches the stored password.

When would you use this?

A volunteer calls saying that they can't get into their web account, and their e-mail address has changed so they can't get a password reset sent.

  1. Enter the person's e-mail address, then click on Get users from server.
  2. Click on the volunteer to edit his record.
  3. Enter a new e-mail address and password for him, then click Save.
  4. Click Save at the top, and ask the volunteer to try to sign in and verify that his account works.

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