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View/Edit Pending Web Messages (Mail on server)

E-mails which are sent using the downloaded application processing tool are not sent immediately, and they're not sent using the E-mail Robot. Instead, they are put into the database on the VSys Web server and the mailing process is triggered manually. To see what messages are pending and to view or delete them, from the VSys Web panel click on View/edit pending web messages under Data on server.

Steps in this task

  1. Filter on dates or a specific person's e-mail address or User ID if you are looking for a specific message.
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  2. Click on Get messages.
  3. VSys will display all messages currently pending. Hover your mouse over any message to see a preview of what is to be sent.
  4. Right-click to delete any messages that you don't want sent.
  5. Save any changes you've made here.

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