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VSys Live Kiosk

VSys Live Kiosk is functionally similar to the regular VSys Kiosk, except that it's run in a browser using the VSys Live architecture rather than as a thick Windows application. With VSys Live Kiosk, volunteers can:

Because it’s running in a web browser, VSys Live Kiosk doesn't need to be installed on any workstations: just install it once on your server. Then allow computers inside your network, outside, or both to connect to it.


Unlike the PC-based VSys Kiosk, VSys Live Kiosk can’t do a few things that require a PC:

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VSys Live Kiosk Site

VSys Live Kiosk Pages

VSys Live Kiosk Locations

Creating a VSys Live Kiosk Site

VSys Live Kiosk Reports (Meal cards)