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VSys Live Kiosk Locations

VSys Live kiosk locations are used to control the visibility of surveys, news items, walkup checkin jobs and within visibility rules. These kiosk locations are often used to represent devices located in a particular facility, those on one campus vs. another, etc.

There are two ways of designating a kiosk location for a given browser:

Site code

Opening the site https://kiosk.vsyslive.com/pages/kiosk:ABC tells VSys to consider this browser to be a kiosk for site with the User code "ABC".

Site names

A single VSys Live Kiosk site can have multiple aliases assigned; e.g. kiosk.vsyslive.com, kiosk1.vsyslive.com, kiosk2.vsyslive.com. These different URLs all load the same VSys Live Kiosk site using Apache virtual hosts, but become, by virtue of being used with these names, seen as being at a specific location.


In this example, a browser is considered to be at this location if:

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