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Surveys via VSys Live

VSys Live makes surveys much more powerful! Rather than just the simple survey questions available in VSys Kiosk, or having to send volunteers to SurveyMonkey, you can create surveys directly in VSys Live. There are three major ways of doing this:

Via a menu

To link to a survey using a menu in VSys Live, just place a menu item that points to that survey. If the survey has Allow general submission checked, the survey will be available to everyone visiting your site, whether or not they've logged into VSys Live. Otherwise, only logged-in volunteers can see and fill out the survey. If someone is logged in, VSys Live links their responses back to the volunteer, otherwise it doesn't "know" who filled it out beyond the information in the survey's responses.

Linking within a letter template

After you've created at least one survey, you can link to the survey from within a letter template. Click on Insert... -> Data field -> System -> Survey -> Main Site VSys Live Interest (VSys Live site name and survey name). When letters are merged from this template, the recipients will get personalized links to the survey. Those links will look something like:

Which is pretty ugly, but very useful: it contains enough information to tell VSys Live which survey is being completed, the ID code of the person who received it, and the code of the actual letter used. This allows the recipient to complete the survey without having to log into VSys Live.

Anything else

Within a survey's setup, you can define your own link to the survey. In the previous example, we used /survey-do-you-like-us. Using that link, e.g. https://demo.vsyslive.com/survey-do-you-like-us, you can point people to the survey from other websites, a newsletter, or links within other documents in VSys Live.

Note that when you use a path like this, VSys Live "redirects" the site visitor to the survey's actual location. In the example previously, that's https://demo.vsyslive.com/pages/survey:LIVELOVE ("LIVELOVE" is the Code assigned to the survey.)

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