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Survey Alerts

Certain survey responses can trigger an "alert" in VSys: that is, answering one or more questions on the survey in a particular way can:

Why? The obvious choice is COVID screening, to prompt volunteers at the beginning of their shifts to present them with useful instructions, ensure that they don't meet any risk criteria, and take action if they do meet any of your defined criteria.

Surveys with alerts are only available on VSys Live and VSys Live Kiosk.

Setting up a survey with alerts

  1. Un-check Allow general submission
  2. Check Use in full-screen mode on VSys Live...
  3. Optionally check Require signature: if checked, the volunteer will be prompted to sign the survey on-screen.
  4. Optionally set an Alert e-mail subject, Alert sender e-mail address, and put one or more e-mail addresses into Alert recipients.
  5. Optionally check Log volunteer out if any survey alerts are present: if checked, and one or more survey responses trigger alerts, the volunteer will be immediately logged out after submitting the survey.
  6. Put alert text into Message to show if an alert is triggered (this can and should be HTML).
  7. In one or more questions, for one or more answers to that question (only Select one answer from the list and Select one or more items from the list questions are eligible), check If this value is selected, trigger an alert. Optionally put a Message there as well.

So now what?

  1. At checkin, the volunteer is prompted with your questions.
  2. If she does not select any options that trigger an alert, she continues on to checking in.
  3. If she does trigger an alert,

That these are surveys and the results of them show in VSys One/VSys Anywhere just like any other.

Other notifications

The e-mail notification above is sent immediately, and is not particularly flexible: the contents are fixed and it's always delivered to the same recipient(s). For more flexibility, use the "Survey results" notification event. These don't go out immediately (they're generated and sent whenever you have a scheduled task running notifications), but they are very flexible in their content as well as recipients and rules.

Touch Points

The VSys Live Kiosk is often deployed to fixed devices around your facilities, which presents a potential contact risk if equipment isn't kept sanitized. Consider using VSys Live to allow your volunteers to check in and out from their own devices, and potentially (subject to license restrictions!) allow them to use the VSys Live Kiosk directly from their mobile phones.

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