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Survey Question Details

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This is how the question will be phrased to the volunteer. For VSys Live and VSys Live Kiosk, feel free to use HTML here.

Short description

If the Question above is very long or contains a lot of HTML, you can put a shorter description here to be used in error messages such as when a required field is left blank.


Where in the list of questions this one appears.


(see below)


If checked, a value must be entered for the survey to be submitted.

Field hidden if survey being completed by known person

Use this to hide fields such as Name and E-mail address on surveys if the survey is available for not-logged-in people as well as logged-in people, and it's being filled out by someone who is logged-in.


Define at least two answers here using the Add answer link to create new answers. Right-click on existing ones to edit/delete them. (Only for Select one... fields.)

Survey question types

Select one answer from the list

The volunteer must choose just one answer. If the volunteer selects one answer and then another, the first one is automatically un-chosen.

Select one or more items from the list

Each answer will be presented with a checkbox next to it so the volunteer can choose any number of answers.


A simple (one line) text field. (VSys Live only)

E-mail address

Requires a valid e-mail address. (VSys Live only)


(VSys Live only)

Long text

Memo (multiple line) text field. (VSys Live only)


(VSys Live only)

Number w/decimals

(VSys Live only)

Ranked listing

(VSys Live only; see below)


Ranked listing

A ranked listing question lets the survey recipient choose zero or more items from the list, and assigns an order (ranking) to each. In the example below, the recipient must choose at least one answer and can choose up to three.

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