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Addresses Panel

Address panel in Profile Editor

Field name


Preferred SMS/text message

This is the preferred mobile/cell number for a volunteer to receive an SMS/text message.

Preferred e-mail address

This is the preferred e-mail address for a volunteer to receive an e-mail message.


Click on the hyperlink next to Kind to change an address's type - for example, home, business or seasonal.


Click on this link to mark the address as the primary address, valid all year long, valid only between specific dates, or invalid altogether. If the address is invalid (or not valid on the current date), VSys won't use it in mailings and reports.


Comments associated with this address.

Copy to Clipboard

Copies the address to the clipboard where it can be pasted into another program.

View transitions

View changes (transitions) to this address over time.

Custom fields

View and/or edit the custom field values for this address; only applicable if one or more custom fields have been created for addresses.


Optional, the name of the contact person at this address. Most commonly used for emergency contact addresses.


Only available for emergency contact addresses, indicates the relationship of the person to the emergency contact.

(edit sharing)

If a volunteer shares an address with another person, you can connect the two addresses using this link. Depending on your settings this will share all information - address, comments, status, phone and e-mail - or may exclude the phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The option to configure this is in the System preferences and feature enabling tool on the Setup panel.


Street address only.






Holding your mouse over this field will pop up a small hint with the county associated with the zip/postal code if VSys can determine that automatically. Note if zip/postal codes cross counties in your area, this may not be accurate.




You can also enter e-mail addresses in the phone number fields by setting their Kind to E-mail.

The Preferred SMS/text message and Preferred e-mail address values apply to all addresses for this person: they apply to the person, not an individual address. A person can have only one Preferred SMS/text message phone number and one Preferred e-mail address.

If you enter a zip/postal code while the City and State/province fields are empty, and if VSys understands that zip/postal code, VSys will automatically populate the City and State/Province fields for you.

Phone numbers

Use the "known bad" feature to record a bad phone number rather than deleting it. This way you won't re-enter a bad number thinking it is current.

Adding, changing and deleting addresses

An address of type Emergency contact will never be used by VSys for mailings unless it's specifically selected in that mail merge.

Preferred SMS/text messages

SMS options only appear if SMS/text messaging is enabled in your system.

Preferred e-mail address

VSys lets you have multiple addresses of the same kind for the same person, such as a person who has two business addresses. In this case, you should flag one of them as the primary address in order for mail to go to that address. If you have more than one address of a particular kind and neither of those addresses is flagged as primary, when you select that kind of address to use in your reports and mailing labels, VSys will use an arbitrary address of that kind.

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