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Custom Fields Panel

We make no pretense of being able to predict every bit of information you'll need to track, so you can create and use any number of custom fields within VSys. The Custom fields panel shows these fields and their values for that individual person.

Custom fields can be set up globally, so they are available everywhere, both within and outside of projects. They can also be project-specific, that is, set up specifically for a project and only accessed within that project.

If your administrator created any custom fields for your organization, you will see Custom fields listed when you view, edit, or change personal information. If your administrator did not define any custom fields, this panel will not be visible.

There are various types of fields that may appear on this panel, depending on what you are trying to track. You may be entering text, a date or choosing a value from a list. Enter the information in the custom fields on the screen.

Field Types

Definitions and Comments


Simple one-line text field.


Multiple lines of text.


Type in a date or choose from date selector.

Number with decimals

Accepts numbers, including decimal places.

Number without decimals

Accepts whole numbers.


Represents a yes/no or true/false value.

List of specific choices

Displays a list that lets you select only one choice.

Checklist of specific choices

Displays a drop-down list of checkboxes that lets you choose zero or more items from that list.


Lets you group multiple people together. Click on the three dots Ellipse (three dots)  icon to the right of this field or press the F2 key to select a person for this grouping.


Associates one person with another person. Click on the three dots Ellipse (three dots)  icon to the right of this field or press the F2 key to select a person for this role.

RTF (formatted text)

Like a Memo field in that you can put as many lines of text as you want, an RTF field can also include formatting and images. Note that RTF fields will be printed as only plain text when included in most reports and exports.

For example, maybe you need to track the marital status, education and race of your volunteers for reporting purposes. This example shows custom fields to store this data for each volunteer along with his t-shirt size.
Custom Fields panel in the Profile Editor

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