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Personal data

These fields form the most basic information VSys knows about a person.

Field name

Definitions and comments

Ignore capitalization rules

When entering name information, VSys will apply any automatic capitalization rules that you've specified under Name Setup Options. If this causes a name to appear incorrectly here due to an exception to the rules, checking the box Ignore capitalization will let you enter the values without VSys making any changes to what you've entered.


A common list of values is included here, but you can add other values in the Name Prefix tool in the Setup panel or just type in a value.

First/given name, Middle, Family/last, Suffix/generation

(commonly understood meanings)

Other names

The pronunciation hint for a name that may be difficult to pronounce, and/or the person's alternate name. Alternate name fields are commonly used for nicknames, or names in other languages.

Mailing label title

On letters, mailing labels and exports, the field Mailing title will use the value here. If you leave this blank, VSys will use the various parts of the person's name to get an appropriate value.

Example: Mr. James Doe

"Dear ..." title

Like Mailing label title, this value is used when the field Mailing dear is used in reports, exports, letters, etc. Example: Jim



Extended gender

See extended genders.

Date of birth

If you don't know someone's year of birth, or don't wish to enter it, use the year 1904. It's the first leap year in the 20th century and it's unlikely that you have many active volunteers who are 110+ years old.

Requires wheelchair...

This is the same field as is present on the optional Alerts panel. Changing its value here changes it on the Alerts panel and vice-versa.

Person type

The primary type of person, such as an Volunteer, Staff, VIP, etc.

Additional people types

Any additional types the person may be, not already specified in the Person type field. You may check as many as are appropriate. For example, use this to categorize someone who is both Staff and a Volunteer.


The primary group to which the person belongs.

Additional groups

If a person is affiliated with multiple groups, then you can use this field to identify their other affiliations.

Volunteer type

If there are no options configured in the Volunteer types section of the Setup panel, this field will not be visible.

Volunteer source

Used to track how people were recruited into your organization. If there are no options configured in the Volunteer sources section of the Setup panel, this field will not be visible.


Person's employer. You can enter this one of two ways: by either typing the name in, which stores it directly, or by clicking on the button and selecting a group. If the company is linked, any changes to the group's name are automatically reflected here and the name will always be spelled consistently for all employees.

This field will not be present if the system preference Don't use the "Company" field in the Profile Editor is checked.


Add or remove this person from non-Intellilists here.

cc: all e-mails to

To have all e-mails (letters, reminders, notifications, etc.) sent to this person and one or more additional e-mail addresses, put a list of those e-mail addresses here separated by commas.


Archiving is used to track people who are no longer active and are not expected to return. This does not remove the person from the database and the person's hours, assignments, etc. still remain in all reports. It does suppress the person from most reports and mailings. The person can later be un-archived easily.

Date archived

Date the person is archived (optional).

Reason archived

Why the person is archived (optional). Your administrator can define the options here in the system setup tools.


Any free-form text reasons you want to include (optional).



A person who is banned cannot register in any project and may not participate in any way in your organization.

Reason banned

Why the person is banned. Your system administrator can define the options available here.

Date banned

Date the ban is effective.

Ban expiration

Date the person's ban is up for review. Note VSys does not un-ban the person on this date, that must be done manually.


(This field may be hidden by your system administrator.)



Rather than deleting a person who has died, check this box. He will be suppressed from most reports and all mailings, but his past projects and historical data are preserved.

Date deceased

When the person died (optional).



Used to indicate whether the person is Active, Inactive, Prospect, Applicant, Terminated, Resigned, Retired, Rejected, Special, New web applicant, Conditional, Leave of absence, or Never started.

Date started

Usually the first day the person starts with your organization. VSys doesn't fill in this field automatically - you use it how it makes the most sense for you. You can use this as the date of their application, date they were cleared to become a volunteer, date of their first assignment, or whatever the appropriate milestone is in your organization.

Date active

Date the person most recently became active. If you are editing a person and the Date active field is blank, setting them to Active sets Date active to the current date.

Inactive date

Date the person most recently became inactive. If this is blank when you change a person's status to Inactive, it will be filled with the current date.

Inactive reason

Why the person was marked inactive (optional). Your administrator defines the values available here.

Inactive followup

Date the person should be checked in with to see if they'll become active again. You can also use this for the expected end date of a volunteer's leave of absence.


Note When you are creating a new person, if the default active status of new people is Active (in System preferences and feature enabling), the person is automatically given the current date as Date active.

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