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Certifications Panel

Certifications are groupings of values which are stored together. They may have effective and/or expiration dates and statuses. Examples of certifications include TB test results, General Release forms, General Medical Release, and Privacy Awareness. They can be used as filters, as the basis of reports, and as requirements for the kiosk.

The Certifications panel shows all of the certifications entered for this person. Enter a new certification by clicking on the Enter a new certification link, edit a certification by clicking on it, or edit, view and delete individual certifications by right-clicking on them individually.

Certifications can be configured from the Setup panel under Certifications. In this setup area, there is an option to configure "auto-create" rules, and have a right-click option to automatically add certifications to people.

The values in the columns Status, Result and Other can be configured by your administrator to show any of the fields within the certification.

Some certifications may only be configured to be available for specific types of people. If you're trying to add a certification to someone and that type of certification isn't available, check with your administrator. Other types of certifications can only exist once for a person, e.g. "Background check results", and so VSys won't let you add a second or third if there's already one in place.

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