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Automatically Creating Certifications for New People

VSys can create certifications for new people as they're created, and do that based on the rules that you define and that person's attributes. Given those rules it can also give you a quick link within their profile to apply the auto-creation rules based on their current attributes. Define the rules from within the Certifications Setup tool by clicking on Auto-creation rules.

These rules only apply when you're creating a new person (and Automatically apply this rule when creating a new person manually is checked) or when you right-click on a person's list of certifications. Changing someone's status, changing or creating these rules, and other actions will not cause VSys to create new certifications based on these rules.

Define new rules by clicking on Add certification auto rule, or edit existing ones by right-clicking on them.

When a new person is created in VSys One, at the time that they're created VSys knows very little about them. You've provided their name, group and person type but not much else. As a result, it can only apply rules based on the values it knows, so rules with Automatically apply this rule when a new person is created manually is checked only have limited options. If this isn't checked you get more options, but VSys doesn't apply them for you immediately, instead it gives you a link in their profile to apply the rules yourself based on the person's current properties. (Right-click in the person's list of certifications to get that link.)

These rules will never create a duplicate certification of the same type for anyone. If the person already has a certification of the given type, the rule won't be applied, and multiple rules, each of which would create the same type of certification, won't result in multiples of the same certification type.

Example rule 1

This rule will be applied immediately when a new person is manually created who is a "Volunteer", creating a new "TB Test" certification for them in their profile.

Example rule 2

Like the example above, this will automatically create a "Background reference check" certification for any new person created as a "Volunteer", but only if they're in the group "Adult".

Example rule 3

This rule won't be applied when a person is first created. You'd have to manually trigger it with the Apply auto-creation rules right-click menu item on the Certifications panel in their profile. It will only be applied if the person is a "Volunteer" and is between the ages of 18 and 99 inclusive.

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