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Special Field Codes

Starting with VSys 2.2, there are now menu options that will create the Effective date and Expiration date fields for you.

Every field in a custom certification must have a unique code, and that code cannot be changed once the field is created. These field codes must be made up of numbers between "0" and "9" and letters "a" through "z". There also are special field codes that VSys uses and expects to see. If these are not present VSys will work fine, but the columns for those fields will appear blank.

Field code



"Certification created date"


"Effective date"


"Expiration date"

It does not matter what field is named "Expiration date" - VSys will use the field with the code "expdate" as the expiration date, and it does not matter what the field with the code "expdate" is named, VSys will use it internally as the expiration date.

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