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Certification Designer - Fields

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Field description

How the field is described on reports, filters, etc.


To encrypt this field, choose an encryption group. The field won't be encrypted if the encryption keys for this group have not been created.

Field code

The internal code used for the field. It cannot be changed after the field is created since data is stored in each certification using this code.

Data type


A simple text field with optional maximum length.


A "spin edit" number field.


Editor for weights in pounds or kilograms.


Date editor with calendar pick control.


A drop-down checklist of your defined values.

Single choice

Of your values, allows the selection of just one. (To allow the user to enter a blank value, define an option with a blank code.)


Simple checkbox.


A link from this person to another person, usually used for things like coaches or supervisors.

Expanded checklist

Identical to the Checklist control.

Magic checklist

A checklist as a text field. The user types in a comma-delimited list of the codes or magic codes, which are then automatically verified against the list of valid codes. These are great for fields like "State" or "Province" since they can type in their values without having to use the mouse, yet the values they type in are validated against the list of acceptable values.


A static label for identifying other fields or regions, not editable by the user.

Text memo

A multi-line text edit field.

Horizontal line

A horizontal line which can be used to identify sections or for visual effect, not editable by the user.


One of the addresses for the associated person. Most commonly used to edit the person's Emergency Contact address from within a Medical form. Note addresses cannot be encrypted.


Report field name

How this field is named in reports. If there is information in this field it overrides the Field Description.

Hidden rules


Hide label

If checked, on the certification's editor (where you enter data into a certification), the label, in this case "Status", will not be shown.


For Single choice, Checklist, Expanded checklist and Magic checklist data types, the descriptions and codes for the stored values.

In the example above, to get that value to show in a person's profile in the certifications panel, you will need to go back to the certification definition, and change the Result field menu at the bottom to Result.

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