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Additional Data Panel

Additional data panel in the Profile Editor



Include an alternate name

Check this to associate an alternate name (e.g. nickname) with this person. (Only available if you've enabled alternate names from the Setup panel and Name Setup Options.)

Include a phonetic name

Check to associate a sound-alike name with this person.

Global job preferences

These identify what a person wants to do and help you strike a good match between what your volunteer wants to do and the jobs that you need performed.

Contact flags

Contact flags are preferences on how to contact or not contact the person, such as by e-mail, phone, or mail.


The various skills associated with this person. This is a drop-down checklist with the skills you have defined in VSys. Go to the Setup panel and Skills to change or define skills.

Photo ID verified

The date when this individual's photo ID (driver's license, etc.) was last verified.

Person number

A numeric field with no preset purpose. Leave blank if you do not need it.

Import reference ID

This read-only field, if visible, was the ID code of the person in a previous database before it was imported into VSys.

Timeclock employee ID

(Only available if the Timeclock (Kronos) integration module is enabled.)

Integration ID

(Only available if the Scripted Integration Module is enabled.)

Primary language

The person's native or preferred language.

Communication language

Preferred language for communication by letter, e-mail, web and kiosk. If this is left blank, the value in the Primary language field will be used for that purpose.

Additional languages

Any other languages which this person speaks.

Nationality, Place of birth, Passport number, Passport expiration

These fields are all entirely optional, and can be hidden altogether: see System preferences and feature enabling.


Lets you view, add, update, and attach files to this person.


Notifications sent to this person.

The Date created and Last changed dates appear in the Additional data bar and show the dates this person was originally created and last modified. You cannot edit these fields.

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