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On the left navigation bar

While the right side of the screen contains the specifics about the person, the left navigation bar helps you navigate and work with this person.


If you are not sure where to find a specific piece of information about a volunteer, start typing what you are looking for into this search box. For example, if you wanted to enter new hours for a volunteer you could start typing in "hou". With each letter the choices presented to you will become more specific. When you see the "Add volunteer hours" option, you can click on it to be taken straight to the tool to enter hours.

Profile Editor

Each of the links under this part corresponds to a panel in the volunteer's profile. These links are in alphabetical order.



If avatars are enabled in System preferences and feature enabling, this is where you can set and view the volunteer's alternate image.

Count years of service

Brings up a window telling years/months since first hours. This is a straight count and does not take into consideration any times that the volunteer might have been inactive.




Brings up a list of reports which can be run about the current person. Selecting one of these reports will require that unsaved changes, if any, be saved before the report can be run.

Send a letter

Merges the current person's information with the letter template chosen here.

Show calendar

Edits any self-reminders for this person.

Show current lists

Shows the lists - including Intellilists - that this person is on.

View job definitions

Opens the list of job definitions in read-only mode.

View job openings

Search for job openings.

View location definitions

Opens the list of locations in read-only mode.

View open schedule jobs

Searches for open schedule jobs for this person; a selected open schedule job can become a job association here.

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Profile Editor

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Additional Data Panel

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Background Checks Panel

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Trainings Panel

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VSys Web/VSys Live/VSys Kiosk Panel

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