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A banned person is one who is never allowed to participate with your organization. Use this for people who fail background checks or have shown themselves to be otherwise unacceptable. When registering someone in a project, VSys will check to see if the person is banned, or if he matches any significant attributes of someone who is banned. People who are banned are locked out altogether. Those who match attributes of banned people result in the user being prompted to ensure that they are not the banned person.

If the person you want to ban is not yet in VSys One, create that person and then mark him as banned.

On lists of people in VSys, banned people show in red to highlight their status:
Listing of volunteers showing banned volunteer in red

It's important to provide complete information about banned people, especially gender, date of birth, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. When VSys checks to see if someone is banned, it also checks to see if the person is similar to someone who is banned, and these are the best attributes for VSys to automatically search.

The easiest way to mark people as banned is simply to use the Profile editor. Find them using any of the Person lookup tools and then mark them as banned.
Fields for banning a volunteer in the Profile Editor

If VSys Security is enabled, you need a special security permission to un-ban someone who's already marked as banned.

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