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Alerts Panel

If there are any alerts other than an emergency contact, "Alerts: PRESENT" shows in the bar to highlight the fact that alerts exist. If checked, the System preferences and feature enabling option Remove medical and diet alert fields in the Profile Editor as well as the old "Emergency contact" field will hide this entire panel unless one or more of its fields already has a value for the current person.
Alerts panel in the Profile Editor

Field name


Requires wheelchair...

Also use if the person can only access locations specified as handicapped-accessible. This is the same field as the one in the top section of a person's profile. Changing one changes the other.

Emergency contact

Note this field is present solely for backwards compatibility. Use an address of type Emergency contact instead.

Medical alerts

Important medical information. Note there is no security on this field, and therefore its contents can be read by any user who can view this person.

Diet alerts

Any special dietary restrictions.

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