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Shared Addresses

Every person in VSys is their own person: husbands, wives, partners and children all have their own records, their own assignments, history and contact information. But sometimes you'll want to send just one copy of a mailing to everyone in a household, e.g. a "Save the date" postcard for an upcoming event, and VSys has the solution for that: shared addresses.

Within a person's addresses, you can mark addresses as "shared" - that is, the same address is used by more than one person. If the address is updated in one person's profile, it's updated in everyone's. Since VSys knows that this is an address common to multiple people, it can, when told to do so, send just one copy of the mailing when otherwise each of those people would have gotten his own copy.

Shared address setup

VSys handles shared addresses in two different ways depending on how you've configured it. In the System preferences and feature enabling tool, on the Advanced tab, if Shared addresses don't share phone numbers or e-mails is not checked, a change to one person's address changes everything in the address for everyone who shares that address. If this field is checked, changes to phone number and e-mail addresses only affect the current person's address and no others.

Editing shared addresses

  1. Click on the (edit sharing) link within an address, bringing up the list of people who currently share this address.
    Shared Address window
  2. Click on (add) to add a person to share this address. Use the Person lookup tool which comes up to search for the appropriate person then click on her.
  3. If the person you selected has one or more addresses, VSys will prompt you to use the other person's address or the current one. Note the address which you don't use will be deleted when the data is saved.
  4. Add additional people, for example children living at home, to this list by clicking on (add) again.
  5. Set the Mailing label title field. This shared value will be used in place of each individual person's Mailing label title value. If this is left blank, the person's Mailing label title field will be used instead.
  6. Set the "Dear.." title field, this will be used in place of the person's "Dear ..." title field. If this is left blank, the person's "Dear ..." title field will be used instead.
  7. Click Save when completed.

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