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Mandates Panel

Mandates represent a volunteer's required term of service, and may be assigned by a variety of organizations, including courts; non-profit groups, such as Boy Scouts; schools; or churches. They all require individuals to complete a specified volunteer term or project for community service, education, personal growth or other purpose. VSys lets you track any number of mandates for each volunteer, including the hours they've completed.
Mandate Panel in Profile Editor

Click on the Add mandate link (or on the Mandates link on the left navigation bar if the Mandates panel is not visible) to add a new mandate, or right-click on an existing mandate to edit or delete it.
Mandate editor window showing the definition of a mandate

If a person has one or more open mandates, you'll get the opportunity to choose which mandate those hours are credited against when you credit that person with hours. It's possible for one person to have more than one open mandate; hours records only apply to one mandate. You'll have to choose which mandates - if any - the hours apply toward.

VSys can also send letters based on mandates and manage mandates in bulk. You'll do this through the Mandates manager - from the VSys One home screen, on the User tools panel. Right-click on any mandate record to send a letter to the person if you have any Letter templates set up which are based on mandates.

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