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Contact Flags

Contact flags are used to indicate ways in which specific volunteers should or should not be contacted. Use them when doing mail merges, printing mailing labels, sending e-mails or sending SMS messages, to filter out people who don't want to be contacted. Contact flags can also be used to show how a person wants to be contacted. For example you could define the contact flag "Send newsletter" to designate people who want to receive newsletters.

Right-click to Load all built-in values, or click Add contact flag to create a new one of your own. Options here will show up as options in the Additional data panel of a person's record.

Contact flags support the option Excluded letter types. By default, if a person has a contact flag which includes one of these excluded letter types, VSys will not send letters of that type to the person.

There are several built-in contact flags which you cannot change or delete, e.g. "Do not call", "Do not e-mail" and "Do not mail"; these appear in italics.

Deleting a contact flag removes that contact flag from all people who currently have it.

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