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Placeholder People

Placeholder people are temporary people who can be registered as part of a group whose members aren't yet known. A company may offer to send multiple volunteers to you for a project but doesn't yet know their names. Register placeholder people until you know the identities of who's actually coming. Placeholder people will show up in summary and detail reports but can be suppressed from mailings or other reports.

This tool lets you define how newly-created placeholder people will be named.

How to use

From the VSys One home screen and the Setup panel, under People, click on the Placeholder people link.

For each gender, define how that person should be named. The default settings name new people "John Doe", "Jane Doe" and "Pat Doe" with a unique number as part of the person's given name. To include the special fields of delegation name and unique number in the name you can include the following special characters:


Inserts a unique number


Inserts the delegation name

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Testing Your Rules

To see how the rules you set up will work, click on the Test button. VSys will show you how a sample male, female and unknown gender placeholder person would be named for the delegation that you specify. In the example above, you would generate placeholder people with names like "John 1 Test Delegation Doe".

The unique number is re-used from project to project, so you can have many people named "John 47 Doe" in your system. VSys considers them all to be different people.

Placeholder people who have already been created are not affected by any changes that you make here. These settings only change newly-created people.

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