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VSys One version 2.0 and higher post "transition" records which record the old and new values for various properties. The properties which are "transitioned" will vary between versions of VSys:



First name, Middle name, Last/family name, Name prefix, Name suffix, Gender, Team size, Team name, Banned, Deceased, Archived, Person type, Group, DOB, Date active, Date inactive, Date started, Status, Web user ID, Kiosk PIN, Web password hash, Security user ID, Security disabled, Security expiration, Volunteer type, Restrictions, Custom fields. Version 3.0 adds support for transitions to Additional groups, Additional people types, Excluded jobs, and Special requests/needs.


Lines, City, State, Zip/Postal code, Country, Contact name, Contact relationship, E-mail, Invalid, Preferred e-mail, Preferred SMS, Kind, Min date, Max date, Phone numbers. Unlike in other places when VSys posts a transition record for an address it will put all of the changes for that address in a single record rather than potentially posting 20+ individual transitions.


Status, Start, Duration, Job, Location, Supervisor and Count.


Status, Nominated, Awarded and Description.


Effective date and Expiration date (regardless of what the fields are named in the actual certification's definitions).

Eligibility/intake Checklists

Start date, Date completed, Expiration date, Date abandoned, Last advanced, Override status, and Frozen.


Status, Result, Start and Location.

Job associations

Status, Location, Start, Finish, Group and Supervisor.


Type, Status, Required, Completed, Start date, Deadline, Finished.

Security rights

When a security user is changed VSys stores a complete "before" and "after" description of the user's status and rights. Unlike other transition records this type of transition record cannot be edited manually.


Status, Start, Subject and Location.

Transitions can be used in many places:

There are also two special transitions associated with people: "Primary job" and "Primary location". Unlike the others these transitions aren't associated with fields. That is, VSys doesn't create these transitions when you change some other value, these exist solely for you to be able to enter yourself. Optionally use them to manually record when a volunteer moves from one job and/or location to another. These records can then be used in reports and filters based on transitions so you can tell when someone has moved.

Because transition records are only posted by later versions of VSys, when VSys tries to look backwards in time to what a person looked like in the past, it can only do so to the extent that there are transition records there to help. VSys has no way of knowing what someone's status was in 1999 - it couldn't have recorded that change!

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