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Volunteer Works Conversion Notes

Volunteer Works conversions are mostly automated, but because different organizations store the same data in Volunteer Works in different ways, including different data in the same place, it sometimes requires multiple conversion/analysis cycles to get the data into its preferred form. Getting access to the Volunteer Works data early is key, as is access to experienced users at the customer site to explain to Bespoke's staff how the data is used at the organization.

Where the Volunteer Works conversion is automated, we can also convert most other data as well where it can be put into flat tables, e.g. dBase or Excel. These conversions can take much more or much less time depending on their complexity, and may carry extra conversion costs.


All people who were in Volunteer Works on the "File"/"Volunteers" screen are now people in VSys One. Find them from the VSys One home screen on the People panel.

Volunteer Works

VSys One Profile editor

DOB, Gender

Personal data panel.


Not converted, VSys calculates the volunteer's age based on their date of birth.


Volunteer type


Company name


Not converted.

Church, School, Race, Highest education, Ethnicity, Marital status, various custom fields

Custom fields panel on the Volunteer Works Custom tab.

Physician's office, name, phone

Custom fields panel on the Volunteer Works Medical tab.

"Notes" tab, "Trait notes", "Interview notes"

On the Comments panel, or right-click on a person and select Comments and images.

"Evaluation" tab

Interviews panel.

"Accounts" tab

Accounts panel.

"Reminder" tab

Most reminders become certifications in VSys. Find them on the Certifications panel.

"Traits" tab

Skills and Global job preferences on the Skills, needs, preferences panel, Languages on the Additional data panel, with most of the others appearing on the Custom fields panel.

"Custom" tab

Custom fields panel. Note VSys doesn't know what your Volunteer Works custom fields were called there, and so you may have to rename some of these fields in VSys.

"Jobs" tab

Job associations panel.

"Schedule" tab

Assignments panel in VSys. Note past assignments are hidden by default, click the Show past link to see them.

"Employer" tab

If data was present, it becomes an "Employer data" certification on the Certifications panel.

"Recognition" tab

Awards panel.

"Training" tab

Training panel.

"Mandate" tab

Since Volunteer Works provides relatively little information about these, they become the custom field VW Mandates on the Custom fields panel.

"Emergency" tab

Emergency contact addresses on the Addresses panel.

"Dates" tab

These become various values on the Volunteer Works Dates tab on the Custom fields panel, and they appear on the Transitions link on the Additional data panel as well.

Referral records become Volunteer source values on the Personal data panel.

"Medical notes"

VW Medical field on the VW Medical tab on the Custom fields panel.


Groups and Additional groups.


Background Reference Check certifications on the Screening panel.

"Merit hours"

These become account records in VSys.

Archived people

People who were archived in Volunteer Works are archived in VSys One, but archiving is different here. In VSys, someone who's archived isn't moved into a different database where their information is inaccessible, instead they're simply flagged as "Archived" and they don't show up in most searches. All of their hours, past assignments and other properties are still there in all of your reports.

What didn't convert

There is always information which does not come across completely. For example, report setups and awards/recognition reminder criteria in Volunteer Works are not compatible with VSys One.

Reports. Nothing about your existing Volunteer Works reports imported into VSys One - their layout, design and basic underlying principles are completely incompatible. VSys one has over two hundred built-in reports and letters of its own, which include just about anything you had in older programs, and which you can customize to include additional data as you need it.

Mandates. Mandates in Volunteer Works are simply sets of textual notes rather than explicit criteria, so their raw contents are brought into VSys One as a custom field, and can be manually made into VSys One mandates from there.

Jobs. VSys brings all of your jobs and departments in from Volunteer Works, and all of your volunteer assignments and job associations. The jobs themselves come through as empty shells with just their names. You'll have to re-enter the properties of those jobs (requirements, contact information, etc.).

Awards. VSys knows who got what awards, the award type and when, but not the criteria for the nominations of awards, so you'll have to set those up just once for each award type.


Volunteer Works

VSys One

"Tagging" entrants

Use temporary lists. Right-click on someone to add/remove them from lists (you can do this in bulk, too), and create one or more temporary lists. You can use these as filters and in reports. In the List Manager, you can even make a temporary list permanent. (Temporary lists are deleted when you exit VSys).

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