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Issue Reports

When working in VSys, an internal or external issue may bring up an issue report. This could be caused by damaged tables, a network issue, problems with Windows, or a programming issue.
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This tool lets you send, save, or print an issue report. The issue report contains detailed programming information that assists VSys One technical support in determining what caused the error and helps in resolving it. Whenever you receive any issue reports like this, please send it if possible - this helps technical support determine what went wrong and how to prevent it from recurring.

Send the Issue Report

  1. To send the report to support, click the send issue report button.
  2. Type your name and e-mail address and click the Continue button.
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  3. Enter a description of what you were doing, e.g. "Working in custom reports, accidentally unplugged the network cable". Click on the Continue button.
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  4. If any confidential information was on your screen, un-check the box attach a screenshot to the bug report. Otherwise, leaving that image intact helps technical support see what you were seeing.
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  5. Click the Continue button to send the report. If you get an error at this point, VSys may not have been able to work with your e-mail program to send the issue report.

VSys always copies the details of the issue report to the clipboard. If the normal sending process doesn't work, try going into your e-mail application and simply pasting (Ctrl V) the issue report right into the body of an e-mail to our technical support team.

When you are finished with the issue report, click on one of the following buttons: continue application, restart application, or close application.

continue application

Attempts to pick up from wherever the error occurred. If doing this results in more issue reports, shut down VSys and restart it. VSys may not have been able to properly recover from the first issue.

restart application

Closes VSys One and starts it again. This may result in a loss of any unsaved data.

close application

Exits VSys One and does not restart it. This may result in a loss of any unsaved data.

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