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Issue Reports Settings

Redirect the issue reports from their default destination to somewhere else by adding to your VSys.ini file:

Web-based issue reports

On machines with no local e-mail client, VSys has another option: issue report submission via the web. This is far easier than e-mail based reports and does not require that you have a compatible e-mail client on the machine that's sending the report. To enable this, check Send exceptions reports via the web instead of e-mail in System preferences and feature enabling.

When submitting an issue report, VSys will then make an HTTP connection (port 80) to bugreports.bespoke.us/vsys/bugreport to post the report. If successful, the user will get an e-mail confirming our receipt of the report, along with a URL that they can click on to see the report's details. By default, VSys includes a full screenshot with the report, and you can see that screenshot at that URL. If for privacy reasons or other reasons that screenshot should not be shown, it can be deleted from here.

If VSys tries to do a web submission but fails, it will fall back on trying to use your e-mail application to send the report.

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