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Hosted VSys

The VSys family of tools can be hosted in-house by you and your IT department (premise solution), or the VSys One team can do that for you (Hosted VSys).

With Hosted VSys, all of your VSys tools will be available to you from anywhere, whether it's your office desktop, your iPad on the train or your PC at home. Your data is isolated from anyone else's, and you get your own dedicated hosting (in which you have your own Server 2012 and SQL Server database). In our fully-hosted environment, you can run VSys, VSys Kiosk, VSys Live, VSys Live Kiosk and VSys Anywhere without having to fight your IT department, procure hardware, deal with installations or do upgrades. The VSys One support team will handle everything:

Of course your data is always your data, and it's available to you any time you want it. In addition to our standard backup scheme, we can schedule backups that are e-mailed or FTP’d to you automatically.

When VSys is hosted for you, it's exactly the same software and exactly the same tools that you get when running VSys in-house.

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