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Hosted VSys Migration

Migrating to a hosted environment is very straightforward.



Typically a two to six hour process, depending on the size of the database.

VSys Web

Customers using VSys Web need make no special changes: because VSys Web already resides on our servers, it will work the same after migrating VSys One to hosted as before.

VSys Live

VSys One and VSys Live must "live" in the same place, meaning that they cannot be in separate datacenters due to network latency issues. If you're using VSys Live and/or VSys Live Kiosk, these, too, will migrate to our servers along with VSys One. (In general they will live on a separate server than the VSys One desktop application.)

As long as you control your own DNS, your new VSys Live environment can retain the same name and use the same SSL certificates that are in use now.

VSys Live Kiosk

Like VSys Live, VSys Live Kiosk must also live in the same place as VSys One. VSys Live Kiosk is not always publicly-facing, though. If you want your VSys Live Kiosk to be private, i.e. the login keypad not even visible to the outside world, there are a few options:

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