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Startup Database Selection

When you first start VSys One you may get a screen like this:

The Server Login panel will show only if the database itself requires authentication (usually SQL Server if you're not using Active Directory authentication). The VSys One Login will show if VSys One requires that you log in. Here you have the opportunity to select from a database and run any of several tools. If there are no databases for you to select from click on Tools then Setup database connections.

On the Tools menu



Setup database connections

Opens the Database connections tool.

Check for updates

Connects to the VSys One website to check for any updates to VSys One.

Create new tables and fix database schema issues

Checks the current database for any schema issues: missing tables, indices, columns and constraints plus columns too narrow or of the wrong type.

Back up this data

Launches the database backup tool.

Restore from a backup to this database

Launches the database restore tool.

Drop all SQL Server indices

This tool drops, if possible, all indices and constraints on the VSys One database tables. Only tables created and used by VSys One are affected. Its purpose is to clear up any collation mismatch issues. After it is run, when you start VSys One it will re-create the indices and constraints that it needs.

Use this only under the instruction of the Bespoke tech support team. (SQL Server only)

Configure ini file-based advanced settings

Opens the Startup Settings tool which can be used to configure various options.

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